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Near Death Journey's - Five Alive


First Near Death Journey in 1980 at age 19 Car crash in Burlington, Ontario Canada

Second Near Death Journey in 1987 while in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Near Drowning 

Third Near Death Journey in Car crash in March 2004 near Orangeville, Ontario Canada

Fourth Near Death Journey at Sunnybrook Hospital March 2004 in Toronto, Ontario Canada

Fifth Near Death Journey near Owen Sound Hospital in September 2017


The Mayan Ring that was given to Garth in his second near death journey in 1987.

Garth and Barclay our beloved Alaskan Malamute puppy prior to our car accident in 2004. Barclay died in the crash he is always missed & Loved!

Garth as an actor in the Huron Carol film by Peter Elliott in Feb 2000 and the image of the ghost that appeared said to be that of Jean Brebeuf a French Jesuit priest in 1634.

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