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Projects in the Works

Ancient Wisdom, is a new TV Show concept developed by Garth Holding. Imagine wandering through the vastness of our planet and discovering the mysteries of our universe at its outer edge… and inner core. New worlds of mystery await the viewer in a new show called Ancient Wisdom. The Ancient Wisdom series will take a one hour journeys through life on the other side: a different view from the comfortable, everyday life. Viewers will be given an informative look into the spiritual realm and hear the lost voices of our past.


The guiding objectives of Ancient Wisdom are to re-tell the nearly lost folklore of our planet’s indigenous peoples and to rediscover the myths of past civilizations still locked in stone, wood and clay.


On Ancient Wisdom, archaeological and anthropological facts will will come together with personal testimonies of encounters with the supernatural. Such topics as: near death experiences, tribal spirits, ancient artifacts, native folklore, shamanism, meditation, spiritual healing and even the genetic code it is believed is shared between many indigenous tribes of Earth and the ancient travellers of other worlds. We will use both historical data and real life stories to assist the viewer in relating to each topic. We will take the viewer to exotic places not seen by the everyday traveller or tourist. Ancient Wisdom will weave together a tapestry of HD Cinematic images and animation, and accompany them with dynamic music and inspired narration, to create a satisfying overview of these complex and mysterious subjects. We are currently finalizing our financing for this project we hope will begin in 2021 and through interested media channels looking for new content in one hour documentary style productions.

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We are in the process of writing our first book on NDE Near Death Experiences which will be ready for sale

sometime in 2021 we will advise when ready. Thank you for your interest in our web site and projects.

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